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Who We Work With

SDH is an executive search and a leadership development company with a strong focus on sustainable development.

Our strength is the ability to appreciate the contemporary problems and the type of leader that is needed to address them. Over and over again we identify the impact of having the right leader in the right place.

We offer intensive forms of leadership development. For your existing leaders, your new leaders, and perhaps even for yourself, so that your organization can be made even more responsive to the ever-changing reality.

SDH supports New Conscious Times because we believe sustainable change is the only way to a better future.

Read more about our mission and purpose:

Olympia is one of the largest non-listed staffing agencies in the Netherlands. Founded in 1970 Olympia grew to 130 branches, 750 employees, helping more than 16,000 workers every day. Work that matters within in logistics, production, engineering, administration, municipal authorities and contact centers.


Olympia believes that the unique value of every person is expressed through work. This value is expressed by the organization by retraining people and guiding them together with clients to work that matters. 

The organization sees a future in which work is seen as a set of meaningful activities: both as a source of individual fulfilment and as a source of collective well-being. The company purpose is to lead the societal transition towards meaningful work.


Read more about Olympia's mission and about the social projects for people with a distance to the labour market in

Who We Work With

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