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The world is suffering. Decades of prosperity and economic as well as technological growth have brought us to cross planetary boundaries. We are facing a crisis on multiple levels, such as global warming, ecosystem destruction, biodiversity loss, pandemics, social inequality, and climate refugees.

And we are running out of time. We know that the system needs to be transformed to become sustainable.

As leaders, we realize that we can influence that transformation significantly by our decisions and behavior, yet many of us don’t know how to do this. A good deal of leaders looks for clear guidance, reflections, and tools to drive and lead the necessary change


Business leaders have immense power to influence how and what we consume, both physically and digitally, but also how we think, act, and spend our time. That power also implies responsibility.

We believe that leaders can make a choice. Will you recognize that your company operates as a part of the entity of nature and humanity? By considering yourself as part of the whole, your thoughts and behavior will start with collaboration, genuine connection, and serving the needs of humanity and ecosystems. This mindset will move the frontiers of humanity and enables unlocking energy that drives business results, commitment, and connection.

Our promise

We aim to turn the current crisis into an opportunity to redesign our world. This is the moment to raise the bar and build the ‘new normal’ together. A normal rooted in the positive vision for the future of humanity that is implicit in the modern science of the mind. We have to join forces to build the new normal.

What to expect of

The New Conscious Times

Studies have shown that successful and sustainable leaders have the ability to reflect with openness, self-awareness, and vulnerability. It is only in the state of vulnerability that we break down the walls of the ego and gain access to our true authentic essence, where we can connect to values like kindness, fairness, solidarity, respect, and compassion.  Since we live and work in connected value systems, leaders have far more impact than they consciously realize. They impact their employees, customers, suppliers, communities, society, and the planet.

We call this type of deep reflection on our interconnectedness Humanity Centered Leadership. It is the guiding principle behind The Conscious Times, which is a platform for leaders to reflect, learn, and take inspired action. We facilitate and activate this by sharing stories from leaders and their companies that operate ethically and create value together with their ecosystems, facilitating growth and well-being for their stakeholders.

This approach is different from most media. We believe that the world needs a higher awareness level to tackle the challenges that are ahead of us. It is no longer a matter of driving financial results alone. We need to raise our consciousness as well. We want to facilitate a shift from financially-focussed times to conscious times. That is why we use the word ‘Conscious’ in our brand name.

We provide written articles, podcasts, and videos and invite you to react by sharing your personal insights. Last but not least, you can find suggestions on how to transform these personal insights into practical and valuable and creative actions for an immediate and measurable meaningful change.

In the New Conscious Times, you can read words like awareness, love, integrity, wholeness, ecosystems, values, virtues, connection, shadow, heart, soul, morality, breathing, biological time clock, and even made-up words to explain new concepts.

We hope that New Conscious Times will be an inspiring source of personal growth and well-being for you as a person, as a leader, as a human being, and as part of the greater whole.

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