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the wisdom

of the mind

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Energize the wisdom of the mind

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Energize the wisdom of the mind

Energize the wisdom of the mind

Wisdom is the art of making moral and    ethical decisions in every situation.


- Wisdom is the home of humanity

Wise leaders and organizations do          good for the world and for themselves. 


Energize the Wisdom of the Mind means unleashing and activating the human moral mind.  Waiting for awakening and ready to act from a responsible attitude making a complex world simple again. 

What is New Conscious Times?

Our world is becoming more and more complex. Nature reacts and asks for a response from us as people, families and enterprises.


New Conscious Times inspires and nourishes the movements needed to shape, stimulate and activate our response.


As an entrepreneur, interested party and as a human being, we want to challenge you to take responsibility in this interaction. What can you do to positively influence the movement in your environment, in your world?


Who are you in your role? What responsibility do you take for your company and environment without a KPI or negotiation?


We hope that New Conscious Times will be an inspiring source of personal growth and well-being for you as a person, as a leader, as a human being and as part of the greater whole.


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Get inspired by our articles

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Develop yourself by watching our webcasts


New Conscious Times cannot exist without the effort of organizations

that embrace our thinking.

These organizations support sustainable change. No matter how difficult or inconsistent this is sometimes.


Want to know more? Let us know and we will be happy to talk to you.

European Institute for Business Ecology

New Conscious Times is not only a great source of inspiration,  

we also want to provide proof that sustainable change delivers more.

Not only in personal change but certainly also in profitable results.


We provide evidence by conducting scientific research for various

clients of our European Institute for Business Ecology.

These results will be published and shared.

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