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Consciousness - a digital information field

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Posted on 25 June 2020 by Nikki J Owen

To fully appreciate the incredible potential you have, regardless of what’s happening to you in your life right now, requires you to understand that the larger aspect of you is pure non-physical awareness. Understanding a little about consciousness explains so much about the meaning and experiences of life. For many years, I felt scared and inhibited about sharing my thoughts as a layperson on a subject that was usually reserved for scientists or academics or spiritual contemplatives. As I allowed my own curiosity to lead me into a greater awareness of consciousness, I began seeing that it is the root of understanding those things that appear to be inexplicable. Consciousness allows you to experience who you are and why you’re here from an elevated, big picture perspective. Until recently, western science has preferred to understand more about the objective physical world rather than how it links to the subjective non-physical world of consciousness.

When Albert Einstein’s work on the Unified Field Theory referred to time and space as an illusion, many scientists agreed with his philosophy but didn’t know what to do with it. Scientists and academics are making giant leaps forward with the realization that people are more than physical beings created from matter. In the 1600s, when Galileo first used a telescope to observe space, he immediately disproved a belief that had been held for 1200 years, that the sun and planets orbited around the earth. The invention of the telescope created more awareness of planetary behavior. As people’s awareness expands, when they begin to focus their minds in the same way that a telescope focuses on the stars, old beliefs are challenged and changed. Humanity can put human beings on the moon and send space shuttles to Mars. Yet, the infinite nature of consciousness still remains unchartered territory for many people.

The world is like unset jelly

Nobel Prize winning physicists have proven that the world of ‘matter’ is made from a sea of pulsating particles of energy that flash into and out of being, millisecond after millisecond. Nothing is solid. This is the fascinating subject of quantum mechanics. Your thoughts are electrical impulses that are changing the environment on a particle -by-particle basis.

Nothing in life has inherent existence. Everything needs something else for it to become a physical manifestation within your awareness. Imagine the world as unset jelly. Your attention to a part of that jelly causes that part to set and become real. Nothing exists in your reality until it is drawn into your awareness. This is why what you give your attention to will strengthen what you are giving your attention to. If you focus on a person’s negative attributes, you strengthen your awareness of those attributes, and it gets harder to notice anything except that what is negative. But if you focus on all the positive attributes of the same individual, then your perception of that individual changes. Your perception does an extremely convincing job of masquerading the reality, but it’s not the reality you’re experiencing, it’s a projection of what you’ve given your attention to.

Think about your physical body as a computer. Its physical presence started to evolve when you first had the desire that triggered the thought; ‘I want a computer.’ It became more real once you’d ordered it online and it arrived in its box. Even when you set it all up, it didn’t work until you switched it on. You had to bring your computer to life! Then, using WiFi, you wanted to connect to a digital information field, much like consciousness, that holds the potential to show you any type of information. Every thought, every idea, and every experience is contained within this field, but as far as you’re concerned, it doesn’t exist. You have to know what you want to search for. You have to have an idea that leads to the intention that drives you to type into Google that what you want to give your attention to. Then, all sorts of choices are presented on your screen, pages and pages of options. Because there is a huge choice and your time is limited, you probably click on links on the very first page without delving deeper into the awareness of other options. As you search for what you want, your knowledge begins to grow and expand, and you’re continually informing Google’s algorithms. Similar to how your physical senses have created their own set of algorithms, changing your data of reality. At what point does something become real? Did your own reality begin when you became aware of the desire to purchase a computer?

There comes the point in your computer’s life cycle that it doesn’t function that well. The parts are wearing out, and the model you bought 5 years ago has been improved beyond recognition. You buy another computer, and even though this new computer is totally different and has far superior functioning, you still access exactly the same stuff that you accessed from your old computer. However, your awareness has expanded and grown. You’ve refined your methods for searching, you’ve learned how to avoid the distractions of the pop–up ads, and you’ve deepened your understanding of some subjects. Your consciousness is growing and evolving all the time, regardless of how your body is evolving and aging. You are so much more than your physical body. Your awareness can go anywhere, do anything, and have any experience it wants.

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